Designing a church logo is not an easy task

Every church can benefit from a good logo. I don’t really want to say that we do have to have a logo – there are churches in parts of the world that can’t even openly talk about their existence. In the countries when we can freely worship and meet a logo can be an effective tool that communicates who we are.

People who might not have visited our church might have already heard a name and seen a logo. A logo should be the most recognizable visual part of our church identity. It is essential because we use it in all kinds of materials both offline and online. It’s on our website, people see it on social media, in our printed materials. Our church logo is absolutely central when it comes to our communication and because of that, we don’t want to change it often. What then our church logo needs to be to serve us for long years.

1. Simple

You know a logo is simple enough when there is nothing you can take away from it. And it’s hard. The more we brainstorm the ideas of what our church is like the more we might want to express different aspects of who we are. Make it simple.

2. Recognizable

When you look at your logo do you feel you have already seen it? It is especially hard for churches. We might feel pressured to keep our church logo “Christian”. We might feel that a cross in a church logo is a must because it seems obvious. Remember, there is nothing wrong about a cross in your logo but since so many churches have tried it, it will be challenging to come up with something unique. What you want to achieve is to create a logo that will stand out in a way that when people see it, they know it’s your church.

3. Adaptable

We already mentioned that your church logo will be utilized in a variety of contexts. Your logo will appear on your church website, in the church app, it will be printed on sermon notes cards and bulletins. You might also want to have your logo on a t-shirt or a hat. We want to make sure that our logo will look good in these different settings.
Another aspect of adaptability is color. Always check your logo in dark and light settings. Prepare different color variations and make sure a monochrome logo will just as great.


Our church logo is the most crucial visual element. It is ideal that your logo will serve you long years or even decades. Don’t feel you need to follow certain logo trends that might change is a couple of years. Your logo will be best when it’s timeless and simple.